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Portable Power Station

Portable Power Station

December 21, 2021

Are you feeling tired of the high cost and big noises out of the diesel generators?

As an outdoor fan, do you want a compact and light weight power supply?

Do you need a backup power supply for your portable respirator?

Do you want to have a backup battery at home to deal with emergency occasions?


It is time to declare your energy independence at home and outdoor with Homenergon portable power stations. Mars power station will deliver reliable power whenever and wherever you need it.


Homenergon Solar Power Stations Portable - Mars1000

1kw power station




933Wh(22.2V 42Ah)


AC Adapter: 12-28V 150W Max/Solar Panel:12-28V 120W Max

AC Outlet

2x Rated 1000W,Surge 2000W

DC Output

1x Cigarette Lighter, 12V 10A



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